1 Year Old Program


About the Program:

You are entrusting your most precious child to our care, education, and guidance. We will do our very best to prove worthy of that trust at our day care. We are delighted to create a happy, healthy, nurturing and loving environment for your child. Every aspect of our one year old’s room is designed to enhance and develop the natural learning ability of your precious little one. Our learning program is individually designed to challenge your child. All children are placed according to age and ability. They even get promotions!

Our precious one year old’s welcome new challenges as they advance into the next phase of development and our child care activities are designed to promote this growth. Toddlers love to be with their little friends, enjoy walking, climbing, crawling, and marching with musical instruments. Learning to recognize their letters, numbers, shapes, and colors is all part of another happy day at JTA Schools.



Program Highlights

Learning: The alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors; these four areas of learning are presented daily. This learning program will increase your one year old’s knowledge, create awareness, and stimulate the brain to help them learn, grow, and change according to their own ability and set them up for success in preschool. All learning materials in the room are disinfected twice daily for sanitary purposes.

Books: Our one year olds are read to daily and they love the visual stimulation. We present stories by puppetry, big pictures, and other media that stimulate your child’s interest. Readers are leaders, and pre-reading skills can begin now! From the very beginning you can instill in your child a love for learning.

Music: Toddlers love music and our program is very musically oriented. We are singing, laughing, playing musical instruments, and singing JTA School Songs throughout the day. “ Music is a large, enjoyable part of our day.” Children love the sound of the musical instruments (bells, tambourines, piano, xylophone, drums, etc.). We even have our very own JTA Marching Band!

Exercise: Exercising stimulates the body and core muscles. It strengthens bones, creates energy, and promotes mental awareness. This cognitively creates a desire to learn and an excitement with their communicative skills.

Balls: One year olds love to touch and watch the ball move and quickly go after it. Balls are colorful, come in different shapes, have sounds, are musical, and the great big ones are used for stretching the child’s core during gymnastics. Excellent gross motor skills are performed daily. They love to try and catch the ball…and some do. This is terrific for improving hand-eye coordination.

Circle Time: The one year olds sit on their colored squares. It helps keep each child’s focus on the learning material presented. This also teaches self-discipline. It’s very interesting to watch as they absorb the information. All intervals are seven minutes apart.

Nutrition: Nutrition is key in a child’s growth. We want to build strong bodies, minds, and stimulate mental awareness. When infants reach toddler-hood, we introduce whole nutritional foods daily, including protein (meat), vegetables (raw and cooked), fruits (a variety), grains (breads, pasta, and rice), and dairy (milk /milk products). All meals are home-cooked, nutritious and delicious at our day care/academy.

Cots: Each child has their own cot, labeled with their name, a set of sheets, and their own blanket.

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